The BHYC has seen some significant progress over the last 12 years due in part by the commitment of our members, both past and present. As a group, we’ve organized volunteers who have given their time and energy to “our club” which has thrived in recent years. We have focused our attention on preserving an important landmark in our community. We have built a home.

Our Belle Harbor home (est. 1905) has been host to countless meetings, events, family gatherings, fund-raisers, debates, social parties, lectures, family activities and sporting events. We have no other place in our community that has done so much so we may laugh, dance and enjoy the company of our family and friends.

Please join us as we enter into a new “yacht club” era. Help us grow so our family and friends will be able to enjoy the Belle Harbor Yacht Club for years to come. We are now accepting membership applications. Visit us at frequently for more info.

Our goals over the past 12 years and continuing …

  • Continue to provide a variety of entertainment options for your family.
  • Continue to maintain the exterior property of the club especially landscaping.
  • Continue to maintain the tennis courts, playground and basketball court.
  • To develop and design a plan for the entire building.
  • Manage the “Members Only” Lounge on the 2nd Floor including the bar, pool table, shuffleboard, darts, poker table, HDTV’s and seating.
  • Seek new volunteers to host activities, to entertain and enlist new members.