Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the bar package include food? Answer: No, we are a Room for Hire with a bar package.  Ludwigs at the YC handles all food requests for private parties.

Can I bring in outside food for my Private Party?  Answer: No.  All party hosts must use our exclusive caterer, Ludwigs at the YC, for their food & dessert needs.

If I join the club after Sept 1st, does the application fee cover the following year? Answer: Yes

How many people can sit down and eat in the dining room for a private party? Answer: Food served in bar area; 110 comfortable. Food served in dining room 90 comfortable.  We have additional seating in bar area and on our large deck for more tables.  Check with Club manager for details.

How many round tables and rectangle tables does the club have for my party? Answer: We have all types of sizes.  Please give the Club Manager a floor plan for your event and we'll satisfy your needs.

How many people are allowed for any party or event? Answer: 200 people

Why do I have to pay for garbage removal?  Answer: Because it's your garbage. We hire staff and refuse company to remove your garbage off our premise.

Is insurance required for my party? Answer: Only if you bring in other club approved vendor equipment. (i.e. bouncy castle; children rides)

How many parking spots are available in the club lot? Answer: 40 parking spots.

Does a 50 person minimum include children?  Answer: No, every host will be charged for 50 adults at the package they choose.

Can I bring a guest to the Members Lounge?  Answer: Yes, but not consistently.  Give your frequent guest a membership application.

Are children allowed in the Members Lounge? Answer: Yes, but only if accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children break things.

Can I leave my car overnight in the parking lot? Answer: No, unless you have been drinking.  Don't drink or drive.  We can call a cab and watch your car. Please alert the attending bartender or boardmember.

What are the measurements of the dining room? Answer: 36 feet by 40 feet

Can I hang decorations in the dining room or bar area for my private party? Answer: Nothing on the walls.  Check with the club manager for other options.

Can my DJ set up his/her equipment early?  Answer: Yes, Only if it doesn't conflict with the early party.

Can I show a video or stills on the dining room Smart HDTV?  Answer: Yes, please ask the Club Manager for details. A HDTV cable is accessible in the Dining Room. Apple TV is available.

Can the attending children use the backyard or playground? Answer: No, but all children must be watched by a parent or older sibling and they can be supervised in these area.  Member's children use the playground, backyard and tennis courts.  So, please be courteous.

Can anyone play tennis?  Answer: No!  You must be a member in good standing first and then pay an additional tennis fee which covers your entire family.

Do we have an area for bicycles? Answer: Yes. In front on the club.  Please use the blue barricades to lock your bike.

Does the BHYC have a security system or video surveillence?  Answer: We have 46 cameras around the club property and inside most club areas.

All other questions can be answered by the club manager.